JI for a national plan against coronavirus


LAHORE:Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan,Senator Sirajul Haq has once again urged the rulers to come out of their egoistic shell, take the situation created by the corona virus seriously and chalk out a national action plan in this respect after consulting leading political leaders. He was talking to the media after visiting the Central Jail Vehari on Saturday.

The JI chief said that the arrogance of the government was causing difficulties for the masses. He said the arrangements for the distribution of funds through the Ehsaas programme were poor and incidents of chaos and stampede had been reported in which several poor people had been injured. Sirajul Haq said the Prime Minister had warned that the coronal virus was likely to spread. He said this should be a matter of deep concern.

He said the government had paid tributes to the doctors for their services against the virus but on the very next day, the medics were baton charged which was most deplorable. He said that the items being demanded by the doctors could be easily provided. The JI chief said that in God forbid, the virus spread extensively, the present health facilities in the country won’t be adequate to meet the situation.

Sirajul Haq also commended the role being played by the media to create awareness among the masses about the deadly effects of the corona virus. He said that the mosques and the madrissahs had also launched a campaign in this regard. He said that no religious party should be targeted in this regard.

The JI chief said that the jails in the country were over-crowded and had much more inmates than their capacity. The prisoners were being denied their basic rights. He expressed the fear that if the virus spread in jails, the situation could go out of control.

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