KARACHI:Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has suspended gas supply to the Site industries in Karachi following which the gas crisis at the industries has intensified and production activities have come to a standstill position and many industries have been shut down, PPI learnt on Saturday.

On the contrary, SSGC has taken the position that it may take another 2 to 3 days to improve the gas pressure, which is an alarm for the fulfilment of export orders. The industrialists are calling for immediate restoration of gas supply to the industries at the required pressure so that production activities can be resumed.

“The non-supply of gas is affecting production activities, which has led to the closure of several industries while gas pressure is constantly zero and despite repeated complaints to the SSGC, the gas pressure has not been improved,” said Abdul Hadi, President, Site Association of Industry. Hadi warned that if export orders were cancelled then the entire responsibility would be on Sui Southern Gas.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar needs to take notice of the non-supply of gas to the industries as the industries of the site area have been facing gas shortage for a week and now the gas supply had been suspended.

Reports says that gas pressure is constantly zero and despite repeated complaints to the SSGC, it has not been improved. If there is such a situation of gas supply in summer, then the situation may worsen in winter. SSGC needs to restore gas at required pressure to the industries of the site; otherwise, timely delivery of export orders would not be possible.