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SIUT continues clinical activities along with facilities for Coronavirus patients

July 6, 2020

KARACHI:Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) the country’s recognized tertiary care medical institution has reiterated that its mandated clinical activities are continuing unhampered along with facilities that are earmarked for the patients of covid-19.

A spokesman of the Institute while highlighting the performance of the Institute during past four months today said that in March this year when the menace of pandemic started surfacing the Institute took a historic decision and stepped forward voluntarily by initiating its professional services for incoming patients of corona.

Those were the days when corona patients were rising in multiple number every day. According to the spokesman the decision on the part of SIUT was taken purely on humanitarian ground with prime objective to mitigate the suffering of the population beside supplementing the efforts of government general hospitals who were found grappling the situation in a metropolis with a massive population of 20 million.

Decision on the part of SIUT to adopt and create new facilities for corona patients was not easy without disturbing their immunocompromised patients of dialysis, transplant and cancer SIUT the spokesman added. The brunt of these patients the spokesman pointed out is always faced by Institute as no one has expertise and infrastructure to attend these patients therefore SIUT was converted into the largest medical establishment of the country treating immunocompromised corona patients.

Till middle of June last over 7,800 patients who were screened at SIUT including some 1,003 patients were treated by SIUT personnel, the spokesman disclosed. The services provided by SIUT include testing, case tracing, disease monitoring, infection prevention and follow up care of patient. All the treatment was free with dignity a corner stone of SIUT philosophy.

Tracing the history of SIUT the spokesman recalled that the Institute has always played in due role in meeting the medical challenges at the time of national calamities and disasters. He said yeomen services were rendered by SIUT doctors and para medical in earthquake of 2005 and floods of 2010.

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