SSUET Alumni Oath-Taking Ceremony held at Sir Syed University

By PPI News Agency Jun4,2023

KARACHI:Centre for Guidance, Career Planning, and Placement organized the Oath Taking Ceremony of the Office Bearers of SSUET Alumni Association that was attended by the deans, HODs, faculty members and students, and alumni.

Addressing the Oath Taking Ceremony, Chancellor SSUET, Jawaid Anwar said through a message that the primary focus of the Alumni Associations is to strengthen alumni relations between students and alumni while promoting and working for the University's growth and development in diverse ways. Indeed, alumni are ambassadors of their alma mater and are vital for revenue mobilization and placement opportunities for students.

He pointed out that the role of Alumni is very important and significant in universities all over the world. They contribute to the development and growth of their alma mater. In Karachi, many buildings, departments, and projects at NED, KU, Dow University, and IBA are living examples of alumni cooperation.

Their influential positions at prominent organizations may help to grow your alma mater. Addressing the Alumni, Vice Chancellor SSUET, Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin said, “Your willingness to step forward and take up these roles reflects your deep sense of responsibility towards your fellow alumni, as well as unwavering dedication to the growth and development of our university. You have chosen to give back to the institution that nurtured your intellect, hones your skills, and laid the foundation for your future success. Your commitment to the Alumni Association will undoubtedly enhance the bond between alumni and the university, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity.

He urged to create an association that serves as a catalyst for positive change within the university and the wider community. “Your collective expertise, experience, and diverse perspectives will indeed contribute to the betterment of your alma mater and enrich the lives of future generations of students, Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin added.

Registrar SSUET, Commodore (R) Engr. Syed Sarfraz Ali said that an alumni association serves as a bridge between the institution and its former students and acts as a support system for its members, and connects the institution to the professional world. An alumni association plays a crucial role in the overall development and progress of the institution. Alumni often contribute back to their alma mater through donations, sponsorships, or volunteering their time and expertise. These contributions can make a significant impact by funding scholarships, research projects, infrastructure development, or supporting various academic and extracurricular initiatives.

Convenor SSUET Alumni Association, Siraj Khilji said that we will prove ourselves by our work and services, while focusing on the objectives of the Alumni Association, President Asad ullah Choudhry said that we are working to establish the first venture capitalist fund that will help students in their final year projects. Sir Syed University Alumni will be recognized by the industry as he will take the company to next level.

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