Statement of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture, Larkana Division

LARKANA: A meeting of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture (SCA) Larkana Division, was presided over by its President Syed Sirajul Oliya Rashidi here on Friday which was attended by Atta Muhammad Hab, Ali Raza, Iftikhar Ali Bhutto, Ghulam Nabi, Hussain Bakhsh and other growers.

Syed Siraj Rashidi is a statement appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Minister Sindh, Chairman, People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and demanded that due to the short time given to survey the lands damaged by the recent floods, various Dehs of Warah Tehsil including Hamid Wah, Gul Buriro and others of Qamber-Shahdadkot district have been left behind.

He said that due to the lack of survey of thousands of acres the inhabitants have been suffering from double punishment. Siraj Rashidi demanded that the kind of devastation caused by the recent torrential rains in Sindh, especially the floodwaters from Balochistan and Punjab and the water left in the sewers in the last hundred years has caused tremendous destruction for which there is no example of such devastation in the last 100 years.

Similarly, he said that after the water receded, the government ordered a survey of the affected lands in order to provide seeds to the poor farmers to grow wheat crops, but a large number of lands have been left without surveys. He said that it was announced to give Rs5000 per acre to the farmer for wheat seeds whereas, 80 kg of wheat is planted per acre. After the amount of wheat has been fixed by the government at Rs4000, it is impossible to get good quality wheat seeds with this amount, but it costs Rs10000 to plant one acre. while the cost of chemical fertilizers, diesel etc. is apart from this.

On the other hand, he added, the wheat planting season has ended, but till now the seed supply to the farmers has not been completed, Rashdhi said during the survey of the affected remote vast areas, 50% percent of the land could hardly be surveyed due to the muddy, pumpy and dirty roads in the flood-affected areas. He said that due to the malice of the local revenue officers in Warah, the survey of 60% of the affected lands and houses of Gul Buriro village, Hamid Wah village has still not been carried out, from which dozens of residents have been deprived of the compensation/survey of their homelessness.

He said that the revenue’s hungry officers have already stolen billions of rupees in the name of relief operations. He said that it was revealed in the report submitted by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Larkana in the Sindh High Court Circuit Bench, in which it was claimed to have spent more than three billion rupees in the form of food and draining stagnant water.

SCA said that Justice Amjad Ali Sahto and Justice Shams Abbasi of SHC expressed surprise at this report and said that hundreds of villages and vast areas of land are still under water. Judges ordered NAB to conduct an inquiry and submit a report.