Wednesday, December 7

Station-specific inspection of Jungshahi Railway Yard conducted

KARACHI:The station-specific inspection of the Jungshahi Railway Yard was carried out on Thursday by the officers of Karachi division under the supervision of Divisional Superintendent Karachi Arshad Salam Khattak.

The inspection was primarily aimed at reviewing the railways’ infrastructure in the yard and guaging the preparedness of the deputed staff at the station and its premises. Office record, condition of track, viability of traffic level crossing, strength of a bridge, functioning of all the electrical and mechanical equipments installed at station’s premises and readiness of deputed staff for coping with any untoward incident was holistically examined.

The local people requested the DS for increasing the number of stoppages of passenger trains at Jungshahi. They also presented the DS with traditional Sindhi Ajrak and Topi. The DS said that such station-specific inspections would be conducted regularly in Karachi division.