Sufficient stock of edibles in country, says UNISAME


Karachi:The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has warned the food mafia not to create panic and work for vested interest by hoarding, profiteering and black marketing of essential food items as there are more than sufficient stocks of rice, flour, oil, spices and commodities.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver urged the federal and provincial governments to be on the same page and understand the importance of letting the export industries to function to meet their orders obtained by continuous efforts and endeavours.

Thaver appreciated the orders of the provincial governments allowing free movement of essential food items and also appreciated the enabling of logistics for the purpose of maintaining the supply chain.

UNISAME Council expressed concern on the malpractices of big local traders who were withholding deliveries for creating shortages for unlawful gains. The members have urged the respective commissioners of the districts to take strict action against hoarders.

The union has asked the authorities to distinguish between exporters who are building inventory and the hoarders who are gathering goods for big gains as the exporters are collecting cargo for processing for exports.

Secondly the union has invited the attention of the home departments of all the provinces to the harassment by certain unauthorized persons who are obstructing the working of the units of food items for domestic as well as global markets.