ISLAMABAD: The price of sugar increased by Rs4 per kilogram in Lahore on Saturday.

The report says sugar has started selling at Rs150 per kg in the general market, sugar was available at Rs133 per kg in Lahore before Eid.

The ex-mill rate of sugar per kg is Rs142 and the price of sugar in the wholesale market is Rs144 per kg.

According to the Institute of Statistics, the inflation rate in the country has decreased by 0.79 percent on a weekly basis during the last week, while it has increased by 28.54 percent on an annual basis.

According to the weekly report released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on the Sensitive Price Index (SPI), in the week ending April 18, the prices of 11 essential items of daily use decreased and the prices of 18 items remained stable, on the contrary, 22 items prices increased.

During the last week, the price of flour increased by 8.97 percent, banana price by 8.67 percent, electricity price by 7.16 percent.

For the lowest income group, egg price by 6.67 percent, LPG by 2.84 percent, onion by 1.40 percent, red chilli powder by 1.31 percent, 5 liter cooking oil by 0.45 percent, dal masoor by 0.43 per cent, and two and a half kilos of ghee by 2.5 per cent.