Summary of the State Bank of Pakistan’s Account for the Week ended the 17th February, 2012

Financial Services General Government Institutions



Notes held in the I.A.Gold Coin and Bullion 326,465,242,000
Banking Department 104,085,000 Silver Bullion
Special Drawing Rights held with
Notes in Circulation 1,794,098,740,000 the International Monetary Fund 6,974,850,000
Approved Foreign Exchange * 417,709,290,000
Total Notes Issued 1,794,202,825,000 India notes representing assets
receivable from the Reserve
Bank of India 827,549,000 751,976,931,000
B.Rupee Coin 2,040,081,000
Government of Pakistan
Securities 1,034,333,054,000
Internal Bills of Exchange and
Other Commercial Paper:-
i)  Agricultural
Sector Rs.
ii)  Industrial
Sector Rs. 78,500,000
iii) Export Sector Rs.
iv) Housing Sector Rs. 0
v) Others Rs. 78,500,000 1,036,451,635,000
II.  Held with the Reserve Bank of
India pending transfer to
Pakistan :-
Gold Coin and Bullion 5,295,340,000
Sterling Securities 453,889,000
Government of India Securities 19,412,000
Rupee Coin 5,618,000 5,774,259,000
Total Liabilities 1,794,202,825,000 Total Assets 1,794,202,825,000


For more information, contact:
Syed Wasimuddin
Chief Spokesman
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)
Tel: +9221 3921 2562
Fax: +9221 3921 2563

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