Wednesday, February 1

SUP demands withdrawal of fuel price hike, water share

LARKANA: Activists of Sindh United Party (SUP) took out a large rally here on Sunday which culminated at Jinnah Bagh against acute water shortage and massive inflation.

They shouted slogans while holding flags and banners of their party demanding proper supply of water and reducing price hike.

Dr. Mazhar Mughal, Liaquat Panhwar, Fatah Janwari, Sadar Bhatti, Manzoor Shaikh and others said while addressing the protesters that two times petrol and diesel prices have been increased by Rs60 in a week by the present federal government rulers which has broken the back of the poverty-ridden masses. They said that on one hand poverty-stricken people are either selling their children or they are committing suicides due to unprecedented inflation but the rulers are shifting blames to each other for multiplying issues faced by the national instead of resolving the problems faced by the country.

They said those who were claiming to be the champions of democracy are now busy destroying the masses. They said the present Sindh Government is mum over Sindh’s water share theft issue by Punjab which is a vivid proof of Sindh-enmity. They said due to acute water scarcity peasants and tillers of Sindh are facing tremendous hardships and animals are dying which will bring economic bankruptcy in the country.

They said prices of items of daily use have been sky-rocketing constantly and the present federal government which came to power to control price hike has so far miserably failed to curb the menace of hoarding, profiteering and controlling prices for the benefit of the poor. They demanded withdrawal of fuel prices hike forthwith and proper water share according to 1991 Water Treaty to Sindh to save the country from economic disaster.