Friday, January 27

Tag: DiaSorin and MeMed

(Corporate): DiaSorin and MeMed partner to develop and commercialize novel host immune response based diagnostics solution

Saluggia: DiaSorin (FTSE MIB: DIA) and MeMed have announced today the creation of a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of a novel, host-protein signature-based assay. Under the terms of the agreement, DiaSorin has obtained the rights to commercialize the proprietary MeMed BV™ test on its LIAISONO family of analyzers and, through this partnership, DiaSorin and MeMed will make the MeMed BV™ test available on over 5,000 LIAISONO XL and LIAISONO XS platforms installed worldwide. A pioneer in the field of host immune response, MeMed developed MeMed BV™, a technology that integrates machine learning with measurements of three key host-immune proteins: tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL), interferon gamma induced protein-10 (IP-10), and C-reactive pr...