Friday, January 27

Tag: Dr Ershad Hussain Kazmi

(City): Medics continue protest against CMCH chief

Larkana:The row between paramedics and Dr Ershad Hussain Kazmi, Dr Ershad Hussain Kazmi (MS), Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH), continued on the third consecutive day and the paramedics association threatened to spread their protest across Sindh from Monday. The protesters have been boycotting all OPDs of the 1500-bed capacity hospital since three days which has forced the poor patients to go to private medical centers and clinics costing them extra to get treatment of their various ailments. Their central chairman Abdul Rahman Shar also participated in the protest. Their leaders Zamir Sangi, Munwar Mangi, Jabbar Narejo and others said while addressing the participants that if Dr. Kazmi is not removed by Sindh government then CMCH OPDs will be completely locked and paralyzed from...