Friday, January 27

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(National): Pregnant woman strangled to death

District, General
Garhi Khero:A pregnant woman was killed in village Ghulam Hussain Brohi near Garhi Khero on Sunday. The woman, Shahzadi Brohi, was strangled to death in village Ghulam Hussain Brohi near Garhi Khero. The cause behind the murder could not be ascertained. The body was shifted to a local hospital for medico-legal formalities and later handed over to the heirs. The police have started an investigation into the incident.

(Court): Local court reserves verdict on Dr Maha murder case

Karachi: The City Court on Saturday reserved its verdict on Dr Maha Shah murder case after hearing the arguments of a complainer and accused. The court is expected to announce the verdict on Monday, 21 September 2002. During the hearing, advocate Muhamad Rehman Ghous, the counsel of accused Dr Junaid, rejected the allegations of Asif Shah, Dr Maha’s father. The counsel of the accused stated that Asif Shah had leveled allegations that Dr Maha was made a drug addict by Junaid, but Junaid had never consumed drugs. The defence counsel also informed the court that Junaid had paid charges of ambulance in which Dr Maha was brought to hospital for medico-legal formalities. On other hand, the counsel of the applicant informed the court that there was a criminal record of accused Junaid and...