Friday, February 3

Tag: Dr Sumaira Imran Farooqui

(Health): Physiotherapy and telemedicine demand rises amid Covid: Moot told

Karachi:Worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has put some serious implications as a whole, especially on the medical side like physical therapy. At the initial stage of pandemic, physiotherapists were not required at the hospitals but when patients started coming with the issues of neurological disorders due to Covid-19, the role of physical therapy has become more and more clear to the health care community, says Dr Sumaira Imran Farooqui, Principal, Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Ziauddin University. She expressed her views during the panel discussion of an informative virtual seminar “Road to Recovery: Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation and Covid-19” to mark World Physiotherapy Day and to recognize and appreciate the work of the physiotherapists during the critical time of Covid...