Friday, January 27

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(National): Solution to Karachi problem lies in empowered city govt: Moot told

Karachi:The solution to the Karachi problem lies not in the packages or secession from Sindh, but in the establishment of an empowered city government. Karachi's civic issues will not be allowed to be seen in terms of linguistic and ethnic prejudices. Karachi is part of Sindh and those who raise the issue of its secession were the enemies of this city. These views were expressed at a consultative meeting organized by Shahri Awami Mahaz (SAM) chaired by Nasir Mansoor, General Secretary of the National Trade Union Federation of Pakistan. The meeting was attended by citizens' representatives from six districts of Karachi. Issues of Karachi city were discussed in detail in the consultative meeting and a joint declaration was issued. The declaration said that Karachi, despite being the se...