Thursday, February 9

Tag: Korangi

(City): Low gas pressure adversely impact KE’s generation capability

Karachi:According to a statement released by K-Electric (KE), the power utility is facing an on-going issue with gas pressure from the Sui southern Gas Company (SSGC). While the quantity of the required gas remains available, decreased pressure leads to reduced production of electricity. This gas pressure shortfall has created a supply gap of 400 MW, at a time when demand is high. Pressure of the gas supplied to KE’s power generation plants is low due to which various gas-fired plants at Korangi and SITE are not able to operate at their optimum capacity despite remaining fully available. Generation will be increased as soon as gas supply at the desired pressure is available. KE’s furnace-oil fired power plants are fully functional at this time. The power utility has also requested to...

(Health): Chlorine tablets distributed in Karachi

Karachi:Sindh Health Department has distributed chlorine tablets in all districts of Karachi which were provided by World Health Organization (WHO). An official at Health Services Karachi told PPI that a good number of chorine tablets were divided in Malir, Korangi, Central, South, East, West and Keamari districts, respectively after heavy rains. He explained that chlorine tablets were distributed among citizens receiving substandard water through tankers and pipes. He further explained that those tablets were distributed through District Health Officers (DHOs) under preventive measures to control the spread of water-borne diseases after rains as well as save citizens from Naegleria. An official further said sufficient number of chlorine tablets was also divided in other divisions...