Friday, February 3

Tag: Lahore Restaurant Association

(Commerce): APRA decides to intensify protest against foodpanda

Karachi:All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA), has decided to intensify its protest against over the unfair practices and monopoly by foodpanda from next week and announced to extend the protest across the country after Karachi. In a statement, APRA Chairman Muhammad Naeem Siddiqui said that restaurant owners in Punjab, especially in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and other major cities are also fed up with the foodpanda. Restaurant owners across the country join hands with APRA over foodpanda malpractices "Islamabad Restaurant Association (IRA), Lahore Restaurant Association (LRA) and Lahore Restaurant Unity Association have joined the protest and assured full support", he added. After which, in the next phase, foodpanda will be boycotted across the country and the boyco...