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Pakistan-Afghanistan future belongs with each other: PAJCCI Delegation from Kandahar resolved

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Karachi, January 25, 2023 (PPI-OT):PAJCCI held stakeholders meeting at Chaman Border; most active trading border in Baluchistan. The meeting was attended by large number of business community members of both sides, Government officials consisting of Shah Faisal, Additional Collector Customs. Akmal Durrani, Deputy Director, Directorate of Transit Trade Quetta, Col. Asad; General Manager NLC, Representative of National Bank, FIA, Custom Enforcement and Appraisement and PRAL. Afghan delegation was led by Haji Abdul Ahad Siddiqui; Board Member Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was received by Muhammad Ghani; VP PAJCCI who headed the Pakistan side. Ghani informed the forum about continuous efforts of PAJCCI and its Chairman, Zubair Motiwala and Co-Chairman, Khan Jan Alokozai; and re...

PAJCCI recommends joint efforts for smooth transit goods clearance

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Karachi, January 12, 2023 (PPI-OT):PAJCCI recommends joint effort to process transit trade documents by Pakistan and Afghanistan customs for smooth clearance of goods and onward movement. Custom authority of both sides must rationalize document requirements and valuation of transit goods destined for Afghanistan from CAR and vice versa using Pakistani seaports to ensure that flow of trade continues especially during current times of recession in world trade. Pakistani seaports are hub for Afghan transit trade and is source of revenue for both countries. In line with international standards, Pakistan Customs require documents for goods clearance with appropriate values and for the purpose of valuation, these documents become base for Afghan Customs to carry out valuation however traders fro...

Long-term business supportive policy is the way to survive-Politics can wait Zubair Motiwala

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Karachi, September 21, 2022 (PPI-OT):PAJCCI held committee meeting at Karachi, attended by large number of business community members from Pakistan and Afghanistan, FPCCI, government officials from Transit Trade, Pakistan Customs, Ministry of Commerce, NLC, TDAP, KPT, National Bank of Pakistan, representatives of trade associations and media. The objective of this meeting was to review last year’s PAJCCI performance and devise future road map aimed at removing trade barriers, deliberating and recommending measures to realize trade potential between the two countries, identifying ways and means to develop sustainable policy framework for long term bilateral and transit trade using each other’s capability and resources, capitalizing on the strengths of private stakeholders, B2B connectivity,...

PAJCCI’s decade of success is due to the team effort of its management committee and staff; Zubair Motiwala

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Karachi, September 20, 2022 (PPI-OT):PAJCCI 9th AGM was held in Karachi today to announce new executive body, office bearers and finalize strategic framework for upcoming tenure. During the AGM future road map, required efforts and engagement with various government and private stakeholders, goals and objectives in dynamic economic landscape, fluid geo-political situation, increasing foreign currency crunch, inflation and disturbed supply chain impact were also discussed and various solution were deliberated. Qazi Zahid, was unanimously chosen as President of the Chamber, whereas Khalid Shahzad and Haji Abdul Ghani have been chosen as Senior Vice President and Vice President respectively. Chairman PAJCCI, Zubair Motiwala thanked the retiring team for their service, welcomed the new team an...

PAJCCI appreciates timely support of Commerce Minister in removal of RD on Afghan’s exports

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Karachi, September 12, 2022 (PPI-OT):PAJCCI’s timely intervention resulted in withdrawal of the regulatory duty on Afghan fresh fruits ensuring that halted fresh produce is cleared at the borders, end of protest by traders, clearing agents and resumption of trading activities. The timely support extended by Naveed Qamar; Minister of Commerce was appreciated by Zubair Motiwala; Chairman PAJCCI on behalf of business community and general population who will directly benefit from the withdrawal of duties on fresh produce. Increase in regulatory duty on Afghan fresh produce during the season would have impacted business community, clearing agents, labour and general population during this difficult period where fruit corps in KPK and Baluchistan province have been completely destroyed resultin...

Increase in duties on fresh produce of Afghanistan will increase public suffering at this time: Zubair Motiwala, PAJCCI

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Karachi, September 08, 2022 (PPI-OT):Chairman PAJCCI established that unilateral increase in regulatory duty on Afghan fresh produce in the season will increase the economic suffering on both sides. He urged Government of Pakistan to reconsider the changes taking into consideration its effect on border area trade which has already been worsened due to recent flooding that has destroyed Pakistan’s Agri-produce massively and Pakistan is facing severe dearth of fresh fruits, tomatoes and onions. Government of Pakistan has recently abolished all duties and taxes on tomatoes and onions imports from Afghanistan to meet the local needs, which was very positively taken by Afghanistan however this uncalled imposition of duty on fresh fruits has negatively impacted not only trade community but overa...