Terrorists attack police in Kacha area operation

SADIQABAD: Terrorists attacked the police with rocket launchers and long range weapons in Katcha Rajwani area of Sadiqabad, police said Friday.

The APC of the police suffered minor damage during the attack and the terrorists and robbers were forced to retreat in the retaliatory action, the police surrounded 18, 20 suspects and terrorists of the Sukhani and Lathani gang.

As soon as the incident was reported, the Chief Minister and IG Punjab left for South Punjab to review the latest situation and encourage the soldiers. According to the sources, the areas of Kacha Moro and Kacha Jamal have been cleared. During last year's operation martyrdoms took place, but this year both areas have been cleared without any damage.

Kacha police operation continues on the thirteenth day, meanwhile, Rahim Yar Khan police have arrested 20 robbers while three have been killed. The spokesman of Punjab Police said the police will provide permanent peace to the people of the area by making the operation successful.