Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori has announced a new initiative to provide scholarships to students to pursue higher education abroad.

Speaking to the media at Governor House, he emphasized the need to think about the future of the youth and the importance of sending them abroad for quality education. This initiative, under the Governor Initiative, will be personally monitored by him.

Governor Tessori highlighted that the first career counseling session has already been conducted at Governor House. An information cell will be established at Governor House to assist students with the scholarship process. The program aims to send deserving students abroad based on merit.

He further mentioned the contributions of Syed Abidi, who has sent 15,000 students abroad on scholarships. Tessori stated that his mission is to enhance Pakistan’s reputation globally. He shared that 50,000 youth are currently receiving free IT courses, earning $200 to $400 per month during training.

Under the Governor Initiative, young entrepreneurs with viable business proposals are receiving interest-free loans ranging from one lakh to one crore rupees. Over 580,000 ration bags have been distributed to the needy, and a program is in place to replace stolen motorbikes for those who haven’t recovered them within six months.

Tessori announced the creation of a job portal for overseas employment, where youth can submit their educational details and learn new languages to enhance their job prospects abroad. He emphasized the need for collective effort to overcome Pakistan’s economic challenges and called for contributions from all sectors.

He assured the public of his support for those wanting to pursue IT courses or education abroad. Addressing a question, he mentioned the inclusive nature of their work, transcending sects and communities. The Governor House has welcomed 2.2 million visitors and remains open to the public 24/7, with an IT gate replacing the traditional barrier.

Tessori reiterated his commitment to serving his compatriots and encouraged other philanthropists to join in supporting the nation’s youth.

Syed Abidi also briefed students on the scholarship application process and the resources available for learning about international educational institutions. An information cell has been set up at Governor House to further assist students in their educational endeavors.