Top business leader supports lockdown, demands tax waver


KARACHI: Pakistan Chemical Dyes and Merchants Association (PCDA) chairman on Tuesday supported lockdown imposed by the Sindh government and restrictions by the federal government in the wake of increasing incidents of the new Delta variant of Corona.

In a statement, Chairman PCDMA Mirza Nadeem Baig said that tough decisions have to be taken in the most difficult circumstances. He said that the government measures were essential for the protection of the people of the country. He said that the country was going through the most critical period due to the global epidemic.

Baig appealed to the business community and the people to cooperate with the government in every possible way and said that the people should get vaccinated as soon as possible as vaccination and precaution is the best solution to prevent this disease.

He appreciated the process of setting up vaccination centers by the business community and associations and said that vaccination centers should also be set up in different markets. He said that the sooner the vaccination process is completed, the sooner business life will be fully restored.

He demanded of the government that the business community should be exempted from all kinds of taxes and a special package should be provided for running the industrial wheel.

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