Traffic on Kohlu-Sibi National Highway still not restored

KOHLU: Traffic flow could not be restored at Sibi-Kohlu National Highway till Saturday, after disruption for three days due to the parts of the road swept away in rain flooding. Parts of the National Highway were swept away in heavy flooding at Fazal Shah, Gradh Wadh and Sonari in recent heavy rainfall.

Vehicular traffic was suspended after landslides at various points on the Sibi-Kohlu highway, which has disrupted land link of Kohlu with Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. Meanwhile, the land link of an area of Kohlu district, Tambili, was severed with the district headquarter during rainfall and flooding, has yet to be restored. Moreover, traffic between Balochistan and Sindh remained suspended after a temporary bridge on Bolan River was washed away in a flash flood.