Raipur, A harrowing event unfolded in the Thargaon village of Sarangarh-Bilaigarh district, Chhattisgarh, where a 32-year-old man killed five family members over a rejected marriage proposal before taking his own life. The incident, which included the murder of a woman who had previously spurned the man’s advances, has shocked the local community.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Superintendent of Police Pushkar Sharma provided details about the violent spree that occurred approximately 200 kilometers from Raipur. The victims, identified as Hemlal Sahu (55), his wife Jagmoti Sahu (50), their daughters Meera Sahu (30) and Mamta Sahu (35), and Meera’s son Ayush (5), were all found deceased in their home. The assailant, Manoj Sahu, was found hanging in another room within the same house.

Police were alerted to the scene by local residents, and a subsequent investigation revealed that Manoj, who was a tailor by trade, had entered the victims’ home armed with an axe and attacked them while they slept. He then committed suicide using a saree. Historical conflicts were noted, including a 2017 assault charge against Manoj after he attacked Meera and her family, leading to an ongoing trial. This incident has now culminated in a tragic end, prompting further police investigation into the motivations and circumstances leading up to the murders.