UBG Confident in Upcoming FPCCI Elections, Zubair Tufail Anticipates Victory

Karachi, Zubair Tufail, President of the United Business Group (UBG), expressed strong confidence in the success of UBG candidates in the upcoming Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) elections slated for December 30, 2023. Tufail condemned the alleged use of fake votes by opponents and emphasized the unity of the business community under UBG's leadership.

According to Business Group, Tufail spoke at a UBG meeting, attended by key figures including Gulzar Firoz, Syed Mazhar Ali Nasir, and Shakeel Ahmad Dhingra. He asserted that the business community recognizes UBG as the sole platform capable of resolving their issues, under the guidance of SM Tanveer, the group's Patron in Chief.

Tufail highlighted the candidacy of Atif Ikram Sheikh for the president and Saqib Fayyaz Maggo for the senior vice president of FPCCI. He praised their previous contributions as vice presidents and their potential for leading the federation effectively.

The UBG President also noted a shift in support towards UBG, citing disillusionment with the current leadership's policies and failures. He believes that the survival and prosperity of the FPCCI hinge on UBG's success in the elections.

Furthermore, Tufail revealed UBG's comprehensive preparations for the December 30 elections, emphasizing their proactive approach in addressing the business community's concerns. He promised that the election of Sheikh and Maggo would lead to a more vigorous pursuit of solutions for the business sector.

Criticizing the current FPCCI leadership, Tufail accused them of financial mismanagement and a decline in the federation's stature. He vowed that UBG would not allow any illegal practices in the election process and criticized the businessmen panel for their alleged pursuit of power at the cost of FPCCI's integrity.

The upcoming FPCCI elections, thus, mark a significant moment for Pakistan's business community, with UBG positioning itself as a pivotal force in shaping the federation's future direction.

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