UBG Urges Government to Address Industrialists’ Concerns Over Gas Tariff

Karachi, Zubair Tufail, President of the United Business Group (UBG), has called on the government to heed the concerns of industrialists regarding the gas tariff, in an effort to resolve the impending one-day symbolic strike and other protests planned for Monday. The statement was made during a meeting with UBG Sindh Region members, where the significance of Karachi’s industries as stabilizers of the nation’s economy and exports was emphasized. Tufail highlighted the current economic crisis exacerbated by rising gas prices and urged the utilization of Pakistan’s gas reserves.

According to United Business Group, central spokesperson for UBG, the organization’s stance was made clear in a recent meeting. Tufail addressed various issues, including the upcoming Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) elections. He remarked that the opposition group, the Businessmen Panel, should prepare for its defeat rather than mislead the business community. He also emphasized that intimidation tactics would not alter the election results. The meeting also saw participation from notable figures like Khalid Tawab, Hanif Gohar, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, and others.

Tawab, UBG Sindh Chairman, commented on the internal dynamics within the FPCCI, highlighting the disarray within opposition ranks. He credited the UBG and its ally, the BMP Progressive Alliance, for their role in the successful elimination of several bogus commercial establishments, a move validated by the Supreme Court. This effort, he noted, has significantly weakened the opposition’s standing in the upcoming elections.

The meeting concluded with a reaffirmation of UBG’s commitment to addressing the concerns of the business community, particularly in the context of the current economic challenges and the impending FPCCI elections.

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