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United Kingdom and Pakistan – Time to celebrate connections

January 31, 2012

Islamabad: The British High Commission is launching an exciting project on its website, Facebook and Twitter pages entitled ‘Celebrating Connections.’

From 30 January 2012, the British High Commission in Pakistan will feature stories online that celebrate the connections between the UK and Pakistan – both from well-known people and people whose stories have not been told before.

The UK and Pakistan are deeply connected. Yet not many people know about the connections in terms of people, trade, culture, education and development that form our unbreakable partnership. The project aims to highlight some fascinating stories about the strong links between the UK and Pakistan.

We’ll be telling the stories of people in the UK who have links with Pakistan and people in Pakistan who have links to the UK. We’ve been filming, blogging, photographing and interviewing people to bring you some really interesting stories that connect both countries through travel and trade, sports, family, education and culture. And during the campaign, we will be holding some exciting web competitions.

We are also launching a monthly ‘Ask the High Commissioner’ blog to encourage our audience to send in questions directly to the British High Commissioner, Adam Thomson, through the UKinPakistan website, Facebook and Twitter pages. The British High Commissioner will answer as many questions as possible through a video blog at the end of each month.

Speaking at the launch of the Celebrating Connections project the British High Commissioner said: “There are so many good stories to be told. The lives of our citizens are connected through travel and trade, family and culture. Nearly 1 million British citizens claim Pakistani heritage.

There are 1.4 million journeys between Pakistan and the UK each year. Britain is open for business and we want to attract the brightest and best to study. The number of Pakistani students studying in the UK has increased year on year over the past few years.

Over £1.9 billion worth of trade flows between our countries every year, and we aim to increase it to £2.5 billion by 2015. The UK is the 3rd largest overseas investor in Pakistan and over 100 UK companies are currently operating here.

The UK is Pakistan’s greatest advocate for market access to the EU. London is hosting the Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2012. We are encouraging hundreds of thousands of visitors to find out about the Games – it is going to be an incredible time.

UK aid over the next four years will help get four million Pakistani children into school, recruit and train 90,000 new teachers, and provide six million text book sets.

Pakistan is set to become the UK’s largest aid programme by 2015 if sufficient progress is made by the Government of Pakistan at both federal and provincial level on reform and delivery of results.”

For more information, contact:
Mike Girling
Press Attaché
British High Commission
Tel: +9251 201 2000
Cell: +92300 500 5306

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