Weather alert for Balochistan: Bizenjo directs institutes for preparation

KARACHI: Following the reports of heavy rains and snowfalls in the northern areas of Balochistan, Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudous Bizenjo on Sunday issued an alert to the institutions and district administrations.

According to a report, Balochistan CM Bizenjo directed the DMA, administration, and institutions to remain alert to deal with any emergency in the northern areas of the province. Bizenjo directed the institutions and administrations to prepare to deal with any kind of emergency by monitoring the weather conditions in the respective districts.

He directed them that essential relief items and alternative fuel should be made available in sensitive districts and heavy machinery and staff should be posted at sensitive places on national highways. Balochistan CM also directed the institutions that a travel advisory should be issued for the public as per the weather conditions and control rooms should be kept operational 24 hours a day at district and provincial levels.