Web 2.0 Pilgrimage – FlyHajj.com makes traveling to Mecca easier!

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With nearly 25 million Muslims worldwide traveling to Mecca for pilgrimage each year, revenue estimates from Hajj (once in a year pilgrimage – largest pilgrimage in the world) and Umrah (regular pilgrimage) easily reach tens of billions of dollars. Despite being such a huge market, there has been little or no innovation in the technical area of facilitating pilgrimage. Whereas travel industry has moved ahead considerably, the pilgrims still have to resort to the websites of individual tour operators for information. Most of the websites are either unfinished or rarely updated. Comparing the offers could be a nightmare and then contacting each tour operator individually could easily cost weeks of lost time.

Web 2.0 Pilgrimage - FlyHajj.com makes traveling to Mecca easier!

Web 2.0 Pilgrimage – FlyHajj.com makes traveling to Mecca easier!

FlyHajj.com aims to change this and brings transparency and ease of use. FlyHajj is becoming a one-stop traveling, accommodation and shopping online destination for muslims pilgrims and tour operators. With partners in Europe, Asia and North America, it has already served over one thousand customers this year and counting.

With many religious organizations and bodies realizing the importance of technology and now using web as one more medium to convey their message, FlyHajj is a step further as it forms a platform for connecting the individuals, organizations and operators.

FlyHajj working is simple. Tour operators create their profile and packages. Pilgrims can either choose between these packages or ask for quotes. Package reservation or bookings follow the typical industry format whereas requests for quotes are filtered and distributed to tour operators in the region using multiple criteria. Operators offer their quotes and finally the traveler gets to choose the operator for pilgrimage!

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