WhizKids- Makeistan Boot-camp for Underserved Youth Continues

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Lahore, July 11, 2018 (PPI-OT): WhizKids an initiative of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Information Technology University (ITU) and Makeistan, a project of Information Technology University continues till 20 July 2018 a three-week Innovation Station Boot-camp opened on July 3, designed for the underserved kids/ students of Sanjan Nagar Public Trust Fund School at Yuhana Aabad, Lahore. The aim of the Innovation Station Boot-camp is to inculcate the spirit of hands-on-learning and creative problem solving among young students.

It will focus on skills development based on the need of today’s ever-changing technological landscape. The students will learn these skills by going through the preliminary stages of product development, in which they will learn to think creatively, build rapid prototypes, test them with users, and improve their designs through feedback based iterations. The summer program will include use of state-of-the-art robotic kits including Snap Circuits, Lego Mindstorm and Arduino.

The students will also learn software languages including Scratch and Word Press with elements of design thinking to kick-start creativity and idea generation. The purpose of the program is to give the students a chance to work with the latest technology as well as gain skills which they will be able to monetize in the future. The camp session focus on creative thinking. Introduction to robotics, programming, sketching, design-thinking and personal development will follow in the following days and weeks.

Dr. Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor, ITU; and Chairman, PITB, who attaches great importance for the underserved people, has been personally involved in the planning of the event. Dr. Saif sees the teaching of these technical and creative skills, and the program’s multi-disciplinary nature, as a precursor to the development of a multitude of similar programs across the country in the coming years. A widespread development of these programs would help Pakistan’s youth be better prepared for the technology-driven global economy, Dr. Saif remarked.

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