Women gang loot cash, gold in Mianwali

By comment user Mar23,2024

MIANWALI: In a brazen act of thievery, a gang of gypsy women looted cash and gold from a woman at her home in Kundian city of Mianwali.

According to reports from the local police, the gang of women looted a staggering sum of Rs1.9 million in cash along with three tola of gold from an unsuspecting victim.

The harrowing ordeal transpired when the gang, notorious for their swift and stealthy operations, forcibly entered the residence of the lone woman. They laid their hands on the prized possessions, swiftly pocketing the cash and gold before making a daring escape from the scene.

The victim, left traumatised and bereft of her belongings, immediately alerted the authorities.

Police launched investigation.

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