Wednesday, February 8

YDA, paramedics continue boycott against non-issuance of risk allowance

Larkana: On the call of Grand Health Alliance Sindh in Larkana, the Young Doctors Association, Young Nurses Association and Pakistan Paramedical Staff Association members held a protest demonstration against the non-issuance of risk allowance notification after boycotting their OPD government duties from four blocks of Chandka Medical College Hospital here on Wednesday due to which poverty-ridden patients suffered a lot as they were denied medical treatment for which these hospitals have been built.

They staged a sit-in outside the City OPD where they also shouted slogans in favour of their demand.
YDA President Dr. Fazal Khoso, Zubair Mangi of Young Nurses, President, Pakistan Paramedical Staff Unit Chandka Hospital Shahi Khan Jagirani, General Secretary Zulfiqar Sahto and others said that the Sindh Government by continuously treating the employees of the health department in a condescending manner, they have deprived them of their legitimate benefits.

They alleged that in Sindh, as long as the employees do not protest and they are not tortured or beaten up, their problems will not be solved. They said that last month, all the employees of the health department, including young doctors, young nurses, boycotted and staged protests against the withdrawal of risk allowance, after which the Sindh government came into action and held talks in Karachi and asked the Sindh cabinet to give risk allowance.

The issue was raised for the sake of approval, but the Sindh Cabinet meeting held on October 31 did not take a final decision regarding the risk allowance, and thousands of health employees of Sindh have been disappointed. Who has decided to boycott daily for two hours.

They demanded higher officials to issue notification of risk allowance as soon as possible including time scale, service structure. They said that by accepting their legitimate demands, the restlessness of the paramedics, young doctors, young nurses and lady health workers and all the employees of the health department should be removed, otherwise the scope of their protest will be expanded.

Meanwhile, due to the boycott of the paramedical staff, traumatized patients coming from Larkana city and distant areas and their relatives had to face severe problems as they kept on waiting under tree shades and returned home after waiting for many hours without medical examination or treatment.