YMCA celebrates 179th Foundation Day

LAHORE:Lahore YMCA celebrated the Foundation Day of its global movement, which started in 1844 in London. Today YMCA is working in 120 countries of the. Lahore YMCA was established in 1879.

A special function was held to highlight the services of YMCA and its contribution in nation building, which was attended by students and leaders of different walks of life. Bishop of Lahore Rtd Rev Nadeem Kamran was the chief guest while guests of Honour included Ashaknaz, Emanuel Sarfraz, Haroon Rehmat, John William and Prof Abdia Elvin.

The Bishop praised the working of YMCA for the benefit of local communities and creating socio-religious harmony Pakistan. “YMCA’s role in strengthening the body, mind and spirit is a role model for the future. Its contribution in the field of art, information technology and other disciplines is remarkable,” Rtd Rev Nadeem said.

Emanuel said YMCA was the oldest organization in the region and has to its credit introduction of volleyball, basketball, table tennis and many other sports. He briefed the guest about the ongoing and future welfare projects of YMCA including start of hostel for working women and female students. He also dilated on the new courses being taught at the YMCA during summer season especially for school and college students.