Youngsters urged to become entrepreneurs

KARACHI:President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) M Shariq Vohra has advised the cabinet members of National Youth Assembly (NYA) that regardless of political, sectarian and language differences, everyone must only focus on ‘Pakistan First’ and the resolute commitment must be to judge everything purely on the basis of merit which is the only way forward for Pakistan.

Addressing the NYA cabinet members who were led by NYA Governor Daniyal Jilani during their visit to Karachi Chamber, President KCCI added, “It is really essential to focus on developing a culture in which Pakistan, all its institutions and its democracy come first. Merit should be the only parameter for judgement to decide what is right and what is wrong. Numerous decisions and resolutions should not be passed on the basis of language, sect or creed by NYA Cabinet members but only on merit while the hate promoters should not be part of the National Youth Assembly.”

Senior Vice President KCCI Saquib Goodluck, Vice President KCCI Shamsul Islam, Former SVP KCCI Arshad Islam, Former VP KCCI Asif Shaikh Javaid and KCCI Managing Committee Members along with NYA Cabinet Members were also present at the meeting.

While warmly welcoming the NYA youngsters, President KCCI said, “The country in which you are born is going to become a huge power in near future regardless of all the political issues and differences hence, the younger generation must get ready and equip themselves with latest technologies and information instead of relying on outdated technologies and obsolete books.”

Shariq Vohra was of the opinion that although learning was important but unlearning and deleting all the negative thoughts and wrong things in minds is more important than just learning.

He advised the youngsters to become entrepreneurs which will be the biggest services to society and the country as by becoming a businessman or an industrialist or service provider, many people will be invited to come and work for your company or factory which will be the greatest service to the society. The youngster should serve Pakistan by becoming entrepreneurs and the Karachi Chamber will always be ready to help them so that they could stand on their feet and contribute towards a better society”, he added.

He was of the opinion that only those countries have been performing well and flourished where democracy remained stable that also led to stabilizing the industry, commerce, business and education hence, it is high time that this must also happen in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor NYA Daniyal Jilani, while congratulating the newly elected office bearers of Karachi Chamber and appreciating the role being played by Karachi Chamber towards the economic development of the country, stated that NYA values KCCI for always vocally raising a strong voice for the welfare and wellbeing of not just the business and industrial community but also all the citizens of Karachi and Pakistan. “Moreover, it is also heartening to see that KCCI has always been promptly responding to the miseries and hardships being faced the population inhabiting in any calamity-hit area of the country by immediately dispatching relief goods from time to time to their brothers and sisters in distress.”

He informed NYA’s operations have expanded all over Pakistan and the number of registered members has risen to 40,000 while NYA is also successfully operating in 36 universities all over Sindh, besides working in close liaison with around 120 district governments all over Pakistan. The intention behind formation of NYA was to unite all the scattered youngsters under a single platform so that they could be given political, economic and social training.

Daniyal Jilani requested KCCI to incorporate NYA members in numerous subcommittees of Karachi Chamber as volunteers which would prove favorable in perfect grooming of youngsters who are the future of Pakistan.