LAHORE:The grand police operation against hardened criminals and terrorists is continued in the Katcha area for the 60th consecutive day on Wednesday as police claim more achievements.

According to a spokesman of the Punjab Police, 12 desperate bandits have been killed in the past two months, more than eight injured, 26 surrendered and 51 bandits have been arrested. He said policeman Muhammad Qasim was martyred while fighting the criminals, while three officials were also injured. Around 60,000 acres of land considered as no-go area was cleared in the operation. Three police community schools and two dispensaries have been established in the areas cleared by the police, he added.

The spokesman further said the police destroyed and burnt dozens of secret hideouts and bunkers of criminals. The criminal gangs have been wiped out and the writ of the government has been established in areas including Katcha Moro, Katcha Jamal, Katcha Imrani, Chak Kapra, Chak Chirag Shah, Jungo Thandi, Khairpur Bambili, Chak Chandia, Rakh Shahwali and Katcha Razi.

The spokesman further said criminals with head money and gangs including Bangiani, Sukhani, Imrani, Lund, Dalani, Pitt and Sadani have been forced to flee. Police pickets have been established at several spots including ambushes.

Weapons recovered from the robbers include 12.7 machine guns (anti-aircraft), rocket launchers, G3, SMG, LMGs, Kalashnikovs, repeaters, hand grenades and hundreds of bullets.

Punjab IG Dr Usman Anwar, D G Khan RPO and Rajanpur RPO are present along with the police personnel on the front line in the Katcha area and are commanding the operation.