20 private security guards to prevent crimes in Naundero

NAUNDERO:As many as 20 private security guards were interviewed at a local Peoples Party office, their credentials were checked and posted to perform security duties to prevent thefts and robberies in Naundero here on Sunday after a surge in criminal activities in Bhutto’s hometown.

They were posted on the directives of MPA Faryal Talpur and were also given ammunition, security lights and weapons and were also handed over identity cards for their identification. They were also directed to always wear the cards while on night duty. In the 1st phase 20 guards were appointed and in the second phase five more will be selected. Local PPP leaders Syed Arshad Shah Rashdi, Muhammad Anwer Buriro, former municipality chairman A D Bhutto and elected councillors were also present on the occasion.

Party sources claimed that each security guard will be paid Rs12000 per month which many guards have declined to accept in view of the record inflation in the country. Meanwhile, citizens were astonished at this move as provision of security to the life and honour of the people is the basic job of police for which they are paid out of taxpayers money but they are posted to provide foolproof security to the elite and poverty-stricken people have been left at the mercy of private people with low salaries.

Thefts and robberies have become a daily issue for Naundero police in which it has failed to recover a single item. Locals murmured that relatives of policemen black sheep and politically backed criminals are involved in the crimes who should be taken to task forthwith if recoveries are to be made.