Saturday, February 4

Arts Council organizes gathering for Sikander Abbasi

LARKANA: With the cooperation of the literature department of Arts Council of Pakistan, Message Group organized a gathering with the renowned Sindhi and Urdu dramatist, storyteller, columnist and Radio Pakistan’s Compare Sikandar Abbasi here on Sunday.

Addressing the ceremony as the president, Prof. Mukhtiar Samo said that writers, poets and artists are the masters and introductions of the earth, and Sikander Abbasi, is one of the personality of Larkana who have made the name of Sindh as well as the country bright in the whole world. He said that Sikandar has earned a lot of fame as a drama writer in Sindhi and Urdu media, which is a matter of pride for us.

Dr. Ehsan Danish said that Sikandar Abbasi’s personality has all sides, he is a good radio compere and owner of quiet nature, his creative work is perfect, he has achieved many successes due to his hard work and struggle. Acting President of Arts Council of Pakistan Larkana Muhammad Ismail Jatoi said that the plays written by Sikandar Abbasi reflect the society.

Assistant Professor Rizwan Gill said that Sikandar Abbasi is a multi-faceted personality as well as a good writer and a great personality. Senior journalist Hanif Shahag said that Sikandar Abbasi is the best writer and storyteller and he has a good art of portraying characters in his writings. Jhangir Abbasi said that Sikandar Abbasi has enjoyed great respect due to his 25 years of literary work.

Zulfiqar Wahid, the leader of Message Group, said that Sikandar Abbasi has earned a lot of money in the field of literature at a young age. Qasim Kehar said that Sikandar Abbasi is the best compare of Sindhi and Urdu Radio Pakistan along with a writer who can also bring a book on the script of the radio. Mushtaq Tunyo said that Sikandar Abbasi is a great writer of Sindhi and Urdu dramas and stands among the great writers of the country. Jam Jamali said that Sikandar is a good radio composer with a good writer.