Cervical Cancer Awareness seminar held in Larkana

LARKANA: January 2023 is being celebrated as Cervical Cancer Awareness month among women globally by the World Health Organization.

In this regard, a seminar was held at LINAR Cancer Hospital here on Sunday in which Director, LINAR, Prof. Abdul Samad Sheikh, Head of Oncology, Dr. Iram Naz, Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh, Dr. Abdul Khaliq Tunio, Dr. Abdul Ghani Sheikh, Dr. Akhtar Chandio, Dr. Akram Langaha, Dr. Hafeezullah Soomro, doctors and nurses of Shaikh Zayed Women’s Hospital including Dr. Asma, Dr. Murk participated.

Addressing the seminar, LINAR Director Dr. Abdul Samad Sheikh, Prof. Iram Naz and Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh said that ovarian cancer in women is not only treatable but also preventable with proper vaccination, while in the developed countries of the world, with timely treatment and complete awareness, this disease has been eliminated by 70%. They said that a large number of women in Pakistan are suffering from this disease and more than 5000 women are suffering from this disease every year in the country due to lack of proper awareness.

They said that to prevent this disease, girls and women between the ages of 16 and 30 should be vaccinated, while women over the age of 30 should have a pap smear test if they are suffering from this disease, so that they can be treated well in time. They said that many lives can be saved with timely awareness and treatment about cervical cancer, so there is a dire need to inform women about this disease, especially in rural areas where education is almost nil, they added.