PPP leader Faryal Talpur has been elected as the Chairperson of the Sindh Assembly’s Standing Committee on Home Affairs.

Today, an important meeting under the chairmanship of the newly elected Chairperson of the Standing Committee for Home Affairs was also held in Karachi, in which Ms Faryal said that they would all work together to improve the affairs and initiatives of the home department.

The committee’s work would be to keep an eye on all the issues and give more suggestions for improving the home department, Faryal said.

She said: “During the previous regime, my focus was on improving law and order, discouraging drugs and narcotics. Hopefully, we will do good things for our country, this province, and the city. We will do whatever is best.”

Sindh Home Minister Zia-ul-Hasan Lanjar has extended congratulations to Ms Talpur for being elected as the chairperson of the Standing Committee on Home Affairs.

He said: “I hope that any legislation to be made will be good for the home department. The home minister said that Faryal Talpur would further improve the Standing Committee on Home while all affairs and policing measures of Sindh Police would also gradually improve. MQM and Jamaat-e-Islami have also supported Faryal Talpur, he added.