Fatima death case: Police picket established near her grave

RANIPUR:after the court granted permission to exhume the grave of the minor maid Fatima, a police picket was established near the girl’s grave. According to the details, the local police swung into action on the report of the unusual activity near the victim’s grave. Following a plea to the court for permission to exhume the grave, the family members are concerned that the victim’s Fatima’s resting place could be tampered, and her remains might disappear.

In an effort to secure the scene and ensure the integrity of the grave, a temporary police picket was established at the burial site. The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Rohail Khoso emphasizing the need to preserve any potential evidence and maintain the sanctity of Fatima’s grave.

Earlier to this, Khairpur’s judicial magistrate on Thursday granted 4-day physical remand of Pir Asad Shah Jeelani, a member of the influential Pirs of Ranipur, in a case pertaining to the alleged torture of an underage domestic worker in Sindh’s Ranipur. The prime suspect Pir Asad Shah Jeelani was arrested by the Khairpur Police after he was accused of torturing his 10-year-old maid Fatima Furiro to death.

The suspect was produced before Judicial Magistrate Sobho Dero as police sought 15-day physical remand of the accused. The magistrate police plea and send accused to jail on 4-day physical remand. The issue initially came to light after video clips of Fatima’s body bearing severe torture marks went viral on social media. In the video, the seriously injured girl is seen struggling to sit up on her bed but soon collapses.