Independent candidate withdraws in favour of JUI-P leader

QUETTA: Independent candidate from PB-40-Quetta Haji Saleh Muhammad Nurzai announced to withdraw his candidacy in favour of the candidate of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Pakistan Rahim-ud-Din Afvocate.

Addressing a press conference with Haji Abdul Sadiq Nurzai, central leader of JUI-P, Haji Saleh Muhammad Nurzai said that after consulting tribal elder of Nurzai tribe and his associates and supporters, he decided to withdraw from contesting election in favour of Rahim-ud-Din Advocate m, candidate of JUI-P from PB-40-Quetta. On the occasion, chairman, Nurzai Quomi Ittehad, Arif Nurzai, Rahim-ud-Din Advocate, candidate of JUI-P, PB-40-Quetta and others were also present.