Lowari Tunnel cleared for traffic after snowfall

LOWARI: The National Highway Authority (NHA) has cleared the snow-hit Lowari Tunnel on both sides for all types of traffic on Saturday.

The southern and northern roads of Lowari Tunnel were blocked owing to heavy snowfall and harsh climatic conditions. According to the spokesman of NHA, a 6-axle vehicle got stuck on the south side of Lowari Tunnel in District Upper Dir as a result of the heavy snowfall which caused blockage.

However, the NHA team safely pulled out the heavy vehicle from the snow close to Mana Khawar and moved it back on the road after rescuing it on emergency basis. Murshid Amin Khattak, a member of the North, has accelerated the work to restore the blocked National Highway on both sides of Lowari Tunnel on the directions of Communication Minister Asad Mehmood.

In the meantime, the NHA officials are continuously working on removing snow in Chitral, Lower Dir, and Upper Dir. The authorities urged tourists to avoid unnecessary trips to Chitral and Dir as NHA is really concerned about the precious lives of travelers.