Monday, December 5

Over Rs20m oxygen gas arrears against CMCH revealed

LARKANA: The administration of Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana, had demanded sanction of over rupees twenty million to clear outstanding dues to suppliers against which health department sent a letter on 26th September to let them know the actual consumption of the gas in the CMCH departments.

The CMCH authorities had already written another letter in February 2021 apart from previous correspondence and had demanded installation of one 10 ton Oxygen Generation Plant, plus running expenditure, for CMCH on emergency basis which may have reduced 50% expenditure of taxpayers money but the demand felt on deaf ears of the decision makers.

The CMCH authorities said that children hospital and operation theaters need round the clock oxygen supply and during coronavirus epidemic all positive patients were on oxygen besides injured patients hence the health department instead of feeling its error are trying to absolve themselves of their responsibilities.

These authorities, who don’t want to be identified for fear, further alleged that had the department sanctioned 10 ton capacity new oxygen plant in 2021 the issue to clearance of oxygen arrears would not have surfaced now as the supply multiplied during Covid-19 and the department has undertook to clear all expenditure.

Authorities claimed that Central Oxygen Supply System is already working in the 1700-bed capacity hospital which has increased its consumption hence payment of Rs21,976,410 is already due which need to be cleared forthwith. On the other hand, unconfirmed reports claimed that four oxygen generation plants have been donated by an international donor for Sindh Hospitals including CMCH which are still awaited.