Shortage of flour in Sukkur, robbers loot 25 bags from public stalls

SUKKUR: After intensified a flour crisis in Sukkur, dacoits looted more than two dozen flour bags from the government stalls established to sell flour at low prices in the city.

According to a report on Sunday, the shortage of flour has increased in Sukkur city and it is even not available at high rates at the shops. The robbers attacked cheap price flour stalls and looted Rs45,000 in cash and 25 flour bags of 20-kilogram.

District Food Controller (DFC) Sukkur Vishan Das told the media that three robbers looted the cash from a flour stall installed near the public school at gunpoint two days ago and yesterday at least eight robbers attacked a stall and snatched many bags from the staff.

He said that some employees of a private flour mill company were stationed at the temporary flour stall to sell flour at cheap prices. According to the DFC Sukkur, both incidents have been reported in writing to the DG Food and removed the cheap-price flour stall from Military Road. He said the cheap-price flour stall from the government has been set up near the Police Line. He also confirmed that a policeman will be posted at each stall now.