In an unbelievable heist in Larkana’s suburban area, thieves have managed to steal an entire mobile tower belonging to a private mobile company, police said Thursday.

According to a report, the strange theft occurred in the Bhoonbhutpur village of Naudero, Larkana, where thieves dismantled the mobile tower by cutting it from top to bottom with cutters. The thieves also took the iron main gate and other installations with them.

The private mobile phone company had deputed two security guards to look after its installations in the village. A case of theft has been registered at the Naudero Police Station on the complaint of the mobile company’s General Manager Sajid Iqbal against the two watchmen assigned to guard the tower.

The General Manager stated in his complaint that the company had received complaints from customers about mobile signals not working. When the company staff inspected the tower site to address the technical issues, they discovered that the entire tower, along with other installations, had been stolen, he said.