Ailing artist deprived of stipend by Sindh culture dept

LARKANA: Author of four books, winner of several awards and known Sughar (artist) suffering from various chronic diseases has complained that Sindh’s Culture and Tourism Department had done nothing for him despite applications sent to it several times.

Mohammad Mithal Jhatyal, a resident of village Gaji Jhatyal, located near Moenjo Daro, has been admitted to a private medical center in Larkana since last four days as he is suffering from diabetes and hepatitis-C.

He told newsmen on Thursday that he had been awarded Sachal, Bhittai and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and other awards in recognition of his services for the literature as he is also a poet.

He said that other organizations also gave him appreciation certificates but Culture Department had stopped his monthly stipend which had complicated his ailments as he was unable to get proper treatment and medicines.

He said he used to get Rs 33000 annually but it had been stopped suddenly for unknown reasons. He said he had sent applications to the Culture Department Secretary but no response had been received so far due to which he had no money to get the costly treatment and bear the costs of a private medical center.

He demanded treatment by Sindh government. He also urged people of Sindh to pray for his recovery. On the other hand, Dhani Bux, Luqman Khokhar, Waheed Ghaho, Saleh Rajpar and others have also demanded of Culture Department to save the life of the ailing noted Sughar who had spent his entire life in serving Sindh and Sindhi literature.