Industrial area SITE goes neglected


Karachi: The largest industrial area of Karachi, SITE, is neglected by the government authorities though this industrial estate earns a lot of revenue for the national kitty.

Roads and streets in SITE Karachi are potholed and dusty, creating problems for motorists and commuters. The main road of SITE is broken near the Siemens Chowrangi, resulting in traffic jams. Others roads in this industrial area are also broken and need urgent repair.

Public transport is a major issue of SITE Karachi. Dozens of the approved minibus routes for the area are practically closed. A few minibuses are seen running on some roads that are overcrowded with passengers sitting on their rooftops. Hundreds of thousands of workers that come here from different areas of the city face immense problems due to lack of proper public transport.

In past the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) was the main public transport sources for this area, but after the closure of the KCR no alternate arrangements were made to facilitate workers. This area needs dozens of new bus routes to facilitate workers. It also needs an inner bus system to cater the needs of this busy industrial estate.

Pollution is the major issue of the area. Untreated industrial waste of thousands of factories, their smoke and fumes are danger to the health of workers and people living in the vicinity like the Labor Square, Shershah and Orangi. However, the Sindh environment department does not bother to improve environmental standards here.

The workers and industrialists both want a respectable public transport system for the SITE, besides urgent repair of the battered roads and improvement in water supply and drainage systems.