Friday, January 27

Punjab AG Ahmed Awais refuses to step down

LAHORE: Advocate-General of Punjab (AGP) Ahmed Awais has refused to leave his post as per the decision of the new government of Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz to sack him on Tuesday.

The AGP held a press conference in Lahore on Tuesday and raised some constitutional points to continue his work. Ahmed Awais said his appointment was made by the Governor of Punjab as per the constitution so he will continue working till his order.

He said if the Constitution of Pakistan is broken then the country will disintegrate, adding that the constitution cannot be made subservient to anyone to fulfil one’s wish. The AGP said he had already decided in principle not to remain in the post but would not resign at the request of any chief executive.

Ahmed Awais further said that if the Supreme Court could hold a hearing on an off day to resolve the issue of the National Assembly then there is a bigger problem in Punjab today as the Constitution was attacked here in the province so the Chief Justice should take notice. He requested all the powers who have taken an oath to save Pakistan, put their hatreds aside and save the Constitution of Pakistan.

Pertinent to mention here that earlier today, the Punjab government decided to sack the provincial Advocate-General (AGP) Ahmed Awais as secretary of law and justice sent the summary in this regard to the Punjab chief minister. The summary reads that under articles 140 and 105 of the constitution as well as under the Government of Punjab’s rules of business, the government has the right to either appoint or terminate the services of the AG.