Audio clip proved that Bushra was involved in crime: Rana

ISLAMABAD:Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah addressing a press conference here on Wednesday said that any video or audio, that is made to bring forward someone’s crime, is not a crime.

Speaking about the leaked audio of former first lady Bushra Bibi with PTI’s social media head Dr. Arsalan Khalid, Rana said that PTI was not calling it fake rather was saying that the content didn’t matter. He added that if they deem it fake, then the matter should be raised and Imran Khan should demand a forensic examination.

The interior minister said that the audio clip proved that Bushra Bibi was involved in a crime. He said that she was doing it to save herself from corruption. He added that no questions could be raised on such recordings. He said that Imran Khan should be ashamed of making claims of harassment and isolation as he had done the same to his opponents in his tenure.

Sanaullah questioned his false implication in drug cases against him leading to his imprisonment for 15 months. He added that if he would be proven guilty in a drug case, he was ready to be sentenced but if the case was not true, then all behind it should be sent to jail.

Talking about talks with Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Rana Sanaullah said that all politicians in the PCNS meeting had consensus upon dialogue. He said that armed forces had urged the formation of a committee consisting of representatives of political parties to ensure political consensus.

Answering a question about Imran Riaz Khan’s arrest, the interior minister said that government was against curbing freedom of expressions but making accusations without evidence was wrong.

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