Book on ‘History of Urdu Advertising’ launched


KARACHI:The book ‘Urdu Ishtiharyat Ki Tareekh’ by Dr. Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam has been launched. The book is based on the doctoral thesis of Dr. Sharf-e-Alam, who completed his research work under the supervision of Dr. Rauf Parekh, a well-known literary figure and critic.

According to a press release issued on Sunday, a linguistic, social, political, historical and analytical discourse, the book ‘Urdu Ishtiharyat Ki Tareekh’, or ‘The History of Urdu Advertising’ encapsulates an over 250-year history of Urdu advertising in the sub-continent.

Published by Gufhtugu Publications, ‘Urdu Ishtiharyat Ki Tareekh’ by Dr. Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam offers a wealth of reading and reference material and is a must for the students, researchers and scholars of advertising, media sciences, mass communication, language studies and history of British India.

Exploring Sir Syed Ahmed Khan as an advertising practitioner, ‘Urdu Ishtiharyat Ki Tareekh’ focuses on increasing penetration and influence of advertising media, particularly on the overall social conduct and civilization of the sub-continent, namely, India and Pakistan, and examines the ensuing impact the advertising has had on the evolution of the Urdu language and its literature over the last 150 years in general and over the last 50-year period in particular.

A composite of years-long archival research, the book first examines the evolutionary phase of Urdu advertising from its birth in the 18th century and then it separately scrutinizes the gradual unfolding and progression of Urdu advertising in the succeeding 19th, 20th and 21th centuries. Discovering advertising as one of the main pillars of modern civilization, the book covers pertinent linguistic issues and discusses in length the changes the advertising brings in the way people use the language in everyday life.

The son of late Urdu poet Pirzada Ashique Keranvi, Dr. Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam, based in Karachi, is a writer, poet, critic, columnist, and a seasoned advertising practitioner currently associated with Spectrum Communication VMLY and R as an Associate Creative Director.