Carpet exporters demand restoration of zero rated regime


LAHORE: Carpet Training Institute (CTI) Chairperson and former president Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pervez Hanif Sunday while expressing deep concern over the decision not to restore the Zero Rated Regime for five export sectors, said that countries of the world are proving facilitating to their exporters while we are facing obstacles in Pakistan.

In a statement, he said the government should look after its own interests instead of bowing to the IMF’s terms. “If the present government continues to do experiments with the export sector, the trend of increasing exports will not be last long,” he pointed out.

He said they demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan should take notice of our concerns in this regard and invite the concerned people hailing the export sector especially those who are demanding restoration of zero rated regime and take a detailed briefing from them on their issues so that Prime Minister would be aware of the real facts.

Hanif said that the sectors, demanding restoration of zero rated regime, export their products so the propaganda regarding sale in local markets was unwarranted. “The government has the machinery and if any manufacturer is selling its export products in the local market, he should be taxed.” He said payment of refunds should also be made easier and more equitable so that small exporters did not face capital shortage.

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